Remodel of existing 5,230 SF single family residence. Addition of 3,095 SF of floor area (including new 780 SF Caretaker Unit above garage) to a total of 8,325 SF. New 250 SF gazebo with outdoor fireplace.

Design - 2011-2012

Construction - 2013-2015

Architect of record: International Design Group, Inc

General Contractor: Wallis Construction, Inc

Structural Engineer: BCA Structural Engineering, Inc


Very early in the design process of our home in Pebble Beach, due to the illness of John Matthams, we were extremely fortunate to have Anatoly Ostretsov step in and take charge of the architecture, design and specifications for our project. His quick and creative talent exceeded our expectations turning our home into an estate.

We found Anatoly to be knowledgeable, cooperative, innovative and highly professional. Anatoly always produced positive results. Stepping in to fill the shoes of renowned designer John Matthams could easily have become very stressful, however Anatoly made the transition seamless and pleasant. He gave us the piece of mind that we were in excellent hands. He is an architect whose experience, patience, quality of service and great listening skills led to a superb design. With Anatoly at the helm everyone was motivated to put their best foot forward for the common good of making a dream home everything we imagined. His ideas, feedback, comments, attention to details, suggestions and his quick on-the-spot renderings with his “red pencil” brought clarity to our ideas. He had a deep understanding of our priorities and acted professionally and responsively in all matters including coordinating with the contractor and sub-contractors, engineers and building inspectors. In short, we give Anatoly an “excellent” rating as an architect. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Anatoly Ostretsov if you are looking for the services of an architect.

Richard and Joan Aldrich

Pebble Beach, California

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