Remodel of existing 1,300 SF single family residence. 440 SF master bedroom addition. New 370 SF "floating" observation deck.

Design - 2016

Construction - 2017

General Contractor: Wallis Construction, Inc

Structural Engineer: Central Coast Engineers, Inc


We are immensely grateful to Anatoly for his wonderful design of the remodel and addition to our home, especially the floating deck, allowing us to enjoy sunsets over the pacific ocean. Both the inside and outside spaces feel extremely comfortable, from the new master bedroom and bath to the existing bedroom extension that transformed a small, unfriendly bedroom into a comfortable one.

On the technical side Anatoly's estimate of the cost and time frame of the design phase (including the cost all the local governmental approvals we would need) was extremely accurate, and the plans were approved without any problems. The best part was interacting with Anatoly on a personal basis. He was always prompt and on each iteration of the design he listened to our concerns and thoughts and came up with wonderful ideas on how to solve them.

We enthusiastically give Anatoly our 5 star recommendation for anyone considering him as their Architect or friend.

Sincerely, Stephanie and Mort

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